Paracas is a beautiful resort located 261 kilometers from Lima, in the province of Pisco, Ica. It has a privileged climate, that is, sun almost all year round.

Paracas has a great diversity of flora and fauna.


What to do in Paracas:


1. Visit Paracas National Reserve which is one of the protected natural areas that preserves representative samples of the country's marine-coastal ecosystems. In this fascinating area inhabit animals such as sea lions, Humboldt penguins, flamingos, birds, among others.


Recommended beaches:

  • Yumaque Beach

  • Red Beach

  • La Mina Beach

2. Boat trip to the Ballestas Islands to appreciate the diversity of birds and sea lions. On this tour you can see the Candelabra, a famous geoglyph in the sand, which measures 180 meters long and is estimated 2500 years old.

3. Visit the National Reserve Cathedral, which is a natural rock formation formed by the eruption of the sea and the wind.

4. Buggy and sandboard tour in the desert of California.